How to save £250 for each driver you employ

Training your employees to become more efficient drivers can save your organisation up to 15 per cent on fuel costs, as well as being good for the environment. Based on 12,000 miles per annum, this equates to typical annual savings of £250 per driver.

The Energy Saving Trust offer ‘Smarter Driving‘ training for drivers at your own premises – experienced fleet driving instructors deliver the training, starting and finishing from wherever is convenient for you. They provide the car, fuel and insurance, and your staff can be back at work within an hour, or they can also train in your vehicles if you prefer.

Benefits of Smarter Driving:

  • Up to 15 per cent reduction in fuel consumption
  • Fewer accidents
  • Reduced wear and tear on tyres, brakes and clutches
  • Employee benefit as staff save money on private mileage
  • Another aspect of driving smarter is to reduce the amount of time your vehicle spends idling.  Find out more about reducing vehicle idling.

Energy Saving Trust have trained more than 32,000 drivers from 500 organisations including:

  • EDF Energy, Centrica and E.On
  • Microsoft, Vodafone and BskyB
  • Procter & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline Plc and Boots UK
  • 17 NHS Trusts
  • More than 100 Local Authorities

Prices until 31st March 2014:

  • £15 +VAT per driver for 100 drivers or more
  • £20 +VAT per driver for smaller bookings.

To book training or to discuss your training requirements, email or or call Energy Saving Trust on 0845 602 1425 for further information, download the Smarter Driving leaflet with a summary of the benefits and how it works in practice.


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