My Driving Horror in MK

Photo credit: ㇹヮィㇳ

I have a grudge against Milton Keynes.

It’s not a very big grudge but it is something I need to get off my chest and now looks like a good time for it to happen…

The reason why the fabled new town in Buckinghamshire came to my mind today is that some research has come out saying that cars there have more chance of having problems with their MoTs. I’ll come back to that in a minute but first I really need to tell you about my grudge.

I once got sent there from my work to carry out some training courses. I drove down from Birmingham Airport on a lovely sunny day. The motorway section of the trip was fine and with the radio pumping out some classic rock life was good. Until I reached Milton Keynes.

I am guessing here that I am not the only person who has spent hours driving aimlessly round the place trying to find somewhere. It really is the most confusing city around and I reckon that I would have found my destination easier in Shanghai or Phnom Penh then in good old MK.

A Clamped Car

My troubles didn’t end there though, did they? After I had rushed through my usual slip shod training course I tried to sneak out at 4pm to enjoy the dining and exercise facilities of the hotel I was staying in. Sadly someone had put a wheel clamp on the hire car I had left in the staff car park.

After asking around I found out that it was the centre manager who had done this because they “didn’t know who it belonged to”. Eh? They have one single visitor in the entire office who logged into the guest book with a car registration number and they didn’t know who the hire car in the car park with the same registration number belonged to? How did they think I had got down from Scotland to Milton Keynes in the first place? Teletransportation?

Anyway, it seems that if you live in MK you are more likely to have your car fail its MOT. So some sort of justice does exist then.

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