Hyundai i10: Great new model now available

The impressive Hyundai i10 has just gone on sale and expect demand to be strong since this little car has already been picking up plaudits.

Accolades already for the hyundai i10

The new Hyundai i10 impresses

Indeed, one car review website has already given the new generation Hyundai i10 its accolade of ‘Car of the Year 2014′ and another magazine has hailed it as being its ‘Best City Car’.

That’s an impressive accomplishment and underlines the fact that the car offers a lot for a little money.

Value-for-money Hyundai i10

Not only is this new vehicle extremely well built, there’s also plenty of space on board and lots of kit.

It’s something of a value added package with prices starting at £8,345 OTR with the new version building on the success and abilities of the outgoing model.

However, one of the most impressive reasons for buying a new Hyundai i10 is the fact that its running costs are an incredible 29p per mile, according to CAP Automotive.

Hyundai i10 is cheap to run

This figure is calculated after the experts take into account the cost for service and maintenance, depreciation and fuel consumption to calculate what the real cost of ownership is over three years.

On top of this, the engines are also economical and fun to drive.

Standard equipment for the Hyundai i10 include daytime running lights, electric windows and USB connection.

The car is also very safe, there’s also electronic stability, tyre pressure monitoring, vehicle stability management and six airbags.

Lease this excellent car

Go up the range and the spec improves with air con, Bluetooth with voice recognition and alloy wheels.

Traditionally, the Hyundai i10 has always had good residual values after three years, which also makes it a great choice to lease, and the insurance is also in a cheap group.

Essentially, the new Hyundai i10 is an excellent citycar and will do everything expected of it; it’s nippy and nice to drive around town and it’s very good at long journeys too, especially on the motorways.

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