Drunk driver tries to fool cops by pretending to be an owl

Drink driving is something which we simply can’t condone. This is why I tried very hard not to smile at the story I read the other day. I failed…

The tale begins with a chap who goes through life with the unlikely name of Troy Prockett. Troy is from Massachusetts and he went for a drive after having a few drinks. He lost control and smashed into a snowbank, which I assume is what they call a mound of snow in that part of the world.

Anyway, Troy had been convicted for drink driving twice in the past so he did the only thing a sane drunk driver from Massachusetts could do in this situation; he climbed a tree and pretended to be an owl.

Just the One Set of Footprints

The police spent over an hour in the freezing cold trying to track him down using dogs, so we can assume that they weren’t in a great mood when they finally saw him 30 feet up a tree. Get down, they said. Did you catch that drink driver, he said. Get down, they said. I am an owl, he said. He then claimed that there was a mysterious second person further up the tree who was really the drunk driver. He explained away the fact there was only one set of footprints in the snow by saying that this other guy had carried him there on his back.

If you have ever tried to argue with a drunken mate about whether or not they just ate their kebab or not then you will understand the rather frustrating situation the police officers were in. They probably don’t teach you at cop school how to deal with a drunken guy up a tree who claims he’s a nocturnal bird.

Finally the firefighters arrived and got Troy down. He is now facing multiple charges and hopefully has learned his lesson. Drink driving simply isn’t worth it.

  • Do you know of any other stories of drivers breaking the law and then making a mess of trying to wriggle out of it?

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