Peugeot 308: Brand new Peugeot impresses

It has been shortlisted for the prestigious European Car of the Year 2014 awards already and the new Peugeot 308 is an impressive car.

The new Peugeot 308 impresses

The new Peugeot 308 set to make an impact

This is an all-new compact family hatchback that has a striking design, both inside and out, and with prices starting at £14,495 is sure to prove popular.

With the start of the New Year, anyone eager to get their hands on one can now do so; the order book has opened.

Peugeot says its new model marks the beginning of a new era with more eye-catching designs and desirable cars being the watchwords for their activities.

Best for driving and environmental performance

The firms also says it is looking to create cars that offer best-in-class driving dynamics as well as outstanding environmental performance.

And to underpin all of this effort is a dedication to bring new levels of quality to the ownership of a Peugeot with high levels of customer service from the network of dealers.

There’s a slew of new cars being unveiled this year by Peugeot and things could be looking good for them if they are all like the new Peugeot 308.

Indeed, the new vehicle has been designed to take on its top rivals such as the Ford Focus and VW Golf and it does so very well with generous levels of equipment and a comfortable ride.

The pick of the engines are the smooth diesels though some critics may say the new design is rather bland but the carmaker is determined to make it appeal to a broad base of drivers.

The new Peugeot 308 will compete effectively

The Peugeot 308 is not only bigger and more efficient than its previous incarnations but it’s also built on a new lightweight chassis to help it be more efficient.

There’s also a big boot, around 435 litres, along with four trim levels to choose from. The mid-spec Allure and Active choices will probably be the most popular.

Drivers also get a wide choice of engines all of which are efficient but the two BlueHDi diesels will be the favourites. Depending on the choice of engine and car, some models will return up to 91 mpg on the combined cycle.

As we progress through 2014, Peugeot will add to the Peugeot 308 range and we can expect to see a five door and estate versions before the end of the year.

With its dedication to delivering a quality car at attractive prices, Peugeot is determined to give its better-known rivals a run for their money and the winners will be the car buying or car leasing public.

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