The 3 Biggest Motoring Annoyances

What embarrassing things have happened to you while you have been out driving? If statistics are anything to go by then you have probably locked your car keys in your car at some point.

This has only happened to me once and it was a horrible sinking feeling I felt as I looked in through the window and saw my keys merrily swinging away. Thankfully, my in laws had a spare set and all I had to do was walk down to their house and tell a whopper of a lie about how a stray dog had grabbed my keys out of my hand.

A recent study from the AAA in the US states that 3.3 million people over there lock themselves out of their cars every year. In fact, it is the third biggest car annoyance, behind dead car batteries and flat tyres. It seems that modern technology is making it easier for drivers to forget their keys, but in my case it was just plain old fashioned having my mind on something else when I closed the door.

Plenty of Flat Batteries Too

In terms of flat batteries, 5 million US motorists suffer from this each year. This has also happened to me recently and I had to carry the blooming thing a few blocks away to get it charged again. At least I didn’t feel so stupid about doing this, although it ended up making me waste a lot more time than the stray dog stealing my keys did (see. I’ve almost convinced myself now that a dog was to blame).

The third biggest motoring annoyance is one which – hooray – I don’t recall ever suffering from. It seems 3.8 US million motorists suffer from flat tyres each year. If you have this problem at some point then at least you can take comfort from the fact that it was probably not your fault.

What other motoring annoyances have caused you hassle and made you feel just a little bit silly?

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