Women’s World Car of the Year awards reveal the cars you should be buying or leasing in 2013

Women make up an influential market of car buyers and represent ‘a huge opportunity’ for car manufacturers. Now, an all-female panel of judges has announced the winners of this year’s Women’s World Car of the Year awards at a ceremony in Cologne.

If you’re looking to drive a new car under a car leasing, contract hire or hire purchase agreement then it can pay to pick an award-winner. Here, we unveil the supreme winner of Women’s World Car of the Year 2013 and look at the other models that were commended.

2013 Women’s World Car of the Year winners announced

According to the Women’s World Car of the Year website, ‘the female demographic is…the fastest-growing consumer segment in the world and arguably the most influential.’  The awards are designed to recognise female car buyers and are now in their fourth year.

The panel of 18 female motoring writers judged the overall 2013 award on factors including safety, value-for-money, appearance, storage, child-friendliness, ease-of-driving, colour, sex appeal and environmental footprint. And, it was the UK’s most popular car that scooped the 2013 Women’s World Car of the Year award.

Electric Blue Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta: Womens World Car of the Year 2013

The Ford Fiesta 1.0-litre EcoBoost claimed the top prize ahead of finalists including the Audi Allroad, Range Rover and Porsche Boxster S. The Fiesta also received the 2013 Women’s World Car of the Year Economy Car award from the judging panel, which praised the new Fiesta for its fuel efficiency and ‘high-end look and feel’.

Both awards were presented to Barb Samardzich, chief operating officer, Ford of Europe by Sandy Myhre, chief executive officer, Women’s World Car of the Year, at a ceremony in Cologne, Germany.

A world beating stylish pocket rocket

“It was clear from the outset that the new Fiesta 1.0-litre EcoBoost had struck a chord with our panel of female motoring experts from around the world,” Myhre said.

“Women play a significant but often overlooked role in buying a car and the new Fiesta’s high-end look and feel, remarkable fuel economy and surprising performance are just some of the features which clearly chime with the needs of many female drivers,” she added.

UK judge, Victoria MacMillan Bell, says Ford’s styling gets better and better. She said: “The Fiesta has such a high-end look and feel to it.  Pair this with the multi award-winning 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine achieving range figures and performance never before seen and this very stylish pocket rocket wins in every category, with bells on.”

The Fiesta has been the UK’s most popular new car over the last few years thanks to its excellent build quality, design and features but also thanks to some cheap car leasing options. It is now possible to drive a brand new Fiesta on a car lease or contract hire agreement for under £150 per month making it an affordable way to drive one of the world’s leading models.

This year’s winning cars for women in other categories

If you’re thinking of using a car lease to drive a new car it could also be worth checking out the various category winners. The 2013 Women’s World Car of the Year award category winners were:

Commenting on the Fiesta’s win, Ms Samardzich from Ford said: “The success of the new Fiesta, both in terms of this award and impressive sales, has been achieved with a car which is sharp looking, better connected and even more fuel efficient and fun-to-drive.”

And it is not just women who like the Fiesta

The automotive press is almost unanimous in its praise for the latest Fiesta. Steve Cropley at Autocar give a typically enthusiastic review here.


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