What are the most reliable new cars you can lease or buy?

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If you’re thinking of buying or leasing a new car, choosing a reliable model can save you money. While your new car may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, spending time with your car in the garage for repairs can be inconvenient as well as frustrating.

So, choosing a new car that is reliable and making sure you’re protected against maintenance problems can be a good way to ensure peace of mind. Here, we outline the most reliable cars and manufacturers in the UK and explain how a servicing and maintenance plan can be an invaluable extra to your car lease or contract hire agreement.

BMW 3 series voted UK’s most reliable company car

A new reliability study from a leading magazine has revealed the most reliable cars in the UK. The FN50 reliability survey, by trade magazine Fleet News, analysed the UK’s largest hire and lease organisations and the survey is based on downtime caused by warranty claims, recalls and breakdowns per 100 vehicles on fleet.

The survey found that German cars dominated the list with eight of the top ten cars manufactured by German companies. And, according to the survey of the largest 50 contract hire and car leasing companies, the BMW 3 Series is the UK’s most reliable company car.

It is the second year in a row that the 3 Series has been voted the UK’s most reliable company car. The 3 Series finishes ahead of its sister models the 5 and 7 series which finished sixth and seventh in the table respectively.

Audi was the most reliable manufacturer overall, with a number of its models making significant gains in the 2013 rankings. Indeed, the Audi A4 was the UK’s second most reliable company car while the A3 was ranked fifth.

Last year’s second-placed vehicle, the Volkswagen Golf, was the third most reliable car to buy or lease.

The Honda Civic was fourth in the listings, retaining its position from 2012, but Honda has slipped back a place in the manufacturers’ table to fourth, with the improved performance of the Golf and Passat allowing Volkswagen to move ahead of it.

Top 10 most reliable cars (2012 position in brackets)

  1. BMW 3 Series (1)
  2. Audi A4 (3)
  3. Volkswagen Golf (2)
  4. Honda Civic (4)
  5. Audi A3 (7)
  6. BMW 5 Series (10)
  7. BMW 1 Series (8=)
  8. Volkswagen Passat (-)
  9. Skoda Octavia (-)
  10. Ford Focus (8=)

Top 10 most reliable car manufacturers (2012 position in brackets)

  1. Audi (2)
  2. BMW (1)
  3. Volkswagen (4)
  4. Honda (3)
  5. Ford (6)
  6. Skoda (7)
  7. Toyota (5)
  8. Mercedes-Benz (8)
  9. Nissan (9)
  10. Vauxhall (-)

Servicing and maintenance contracts can help you avoid unexpected car lease costs

One of the main advantages of driving a new car is that you can benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty. Most models come with at least a three year warranty although some manufacturers now offer five and seven year protection.

Most car lease or contract hire agreements will also allow you to include additional ‘maintenance and servicing’ cover. For a small additional monthly fee the cost of servicing and maintenance to your car can be covered. This means that your regular service costs are paid for and your car will be repaired in the event of mechanical breakdown. Some plans will also include wear and tear items such as brakes and tyres.

One of the other advantages of car leasing or contract hire is that you can change your car on a regular basis. If you choose a three year term you can hand your car back just as the manufacturer’s warranty is running out and drive a brand new model that is fully covered.

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