Warning! These Car Facts Simply Aren’t True

Have you ever read or heard a so-called car fact and thought that it sounded less than completely true?

I decided to check out what some of the most popular car myths are.

No Red Cars in Shanghai

Quite a few car websites will tell you that in the Chinese city of Shanghai you can’t drive a red car. None of them appear to say why this is, which made me suspicious. I delved a bit deeper and could find absolutely no evidence of red cars being illegal in Shanghai. I even found photos and videos of red cars being driven there, with no sign of police cars chasing after them with their sirens wailing.

Dirty Cars Use Less Fuel

Apparently a lot of people think that a filthy car has less drag on it because it is a bit like a dimpled golf ball. This makes no sense and is utterly, utterly wrong. Tests carried out have shown that having a lot of dirt on your car can make it 10% less fuel efficient.

The Ford Model T Only Existed in Black

Model T Ford

Photo credit: Katherine Tompkins

Have you ever seen a Ford Model T car in a colour other than black? Possibly not but then you haven’t seen the dark side of the Moon, the top of Mount Everest or the Loch Ness Monster either and I can assure you that they all exist. To be fair, the vast majority were made in black but around 3 million were green, grey, red or some other colour which isn’t black.


Cars Protect Your From Bullets

I blame the movies for this one. You know how Bruce Willis / Sly Stallone and all those other heroes hide behind cars when someone is shooting at them? Yeah, well why do they even do that? A bullet can pass through a car fairly easily. You might choose to hide behind a car so that you aren’t seen but you shouldn’t do it if they have already started firing at you.

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