Could You Drive 3 Million Miles in Your Car?

The holder of the Guinness Book of Records title for the originally owned car with most miles on it recently passed yet another major milestone.

Irv Gordon is the dude with the long running car. He bought a brand new Volvo P1800 back in 1966 but little could he have imagined just how much service it would give him over the next few decades.

Here we are in 2013 and the red Volvo he bought so long ago has recently passed the 3 million mile mark. That’s right; 3 million miles. As in, well, 3 million miles, really. That’s the equivalent of driving to the Moon and back half a dozen times, going round the planet 120 times or driving from my house to my in-laws and back about 3 million times.

Goodbye Hippies, Punks and Bros: Hello Another Million Miles

Photo credit: Gunnar Bothner-By

After buying his car in the swinging 60s Gordon has looked after it very well, being incredibly zealous about changing the oil, fixing any problems and keeping it ship shape. While the hippies pretty much disappeared and punk came and went he just kept on driving. Even the rise and fall of Bros and the Blow Monkeys didn’t knock him off his stride. By 1987 he had clocked up a million miles and in 2002 he made it 2 million. These two milestones were achieved in New York, which is where he stays, while the magical 3 million mark was shattered in Alaska.

The good people at Volvo have given him a couple of free new cars over the years but the guy just doesn’t take the hint. He keeps on motoring away in his 60s Volvo and eating up the miles. Apparently he’s retired now but he must lead a busy life to fit in so much driving every year. Will he keep on driving and make it to 4 million miles?

What car has served you longest and taken you further over your years of driving?

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