Is Your Car a Second Wardrobe?

A recent study carried out by UK car breakers network Breakeryard has revealed that many young British ladies use their vehicles as a mobile second wardrobe.

Maybe you have never thought about before but perhaps it is a good moment to check out what clothes and beauty products you keep in your car.

Photo credit: Roland Selivanoff

In the case of the 1,621 women who took part in the survey, an astonishing 62% said that there was always some sort of makeup product sitting in their vehicles.

As far as clothes are concerned, more than half of those questioned said that they keep some in their vehicle at all times. Another thing which the ladies often leave in their cars is their shoe collection, with 44% saying that they keep footwear in there. 33% admitted to leaving hair and beauty accessories in their vehicles as well.

So why do this? I must admit that I was genuinely intrigued, as I don’t that I have ever felt the need to leave any of my clothes or shoes in the car. Thankfully the survey covered this point as well.

The Reasons Why

48% of the ladies questioned said that they let all of this random stuff in their cars in case of an emergency. Eh? What kind of emergency requires a bit of lip gloss and a pair of high heels? You aren’t going to dig your car out a snowdrift or replace a blown tyre with those accessories.

The next most popular reason – with 33% of the vote – was because of not knowing what to wear, which is also the most commonly heard phrase in my house these days. A more sensible 27% said that they like to cover “all eventualities”.

The down side to having a lot of clothes and accessories in your car is that you are likely to lose something at some point. About a quarter of the ladies questioned said that they had believed that they had lost a bit of clothing or accessory only for it to turn u

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