Is the Gold Lamborghini the Most Pointless Car Ever?

There are so many expenses in modern life that buying a gold Lamborghini car has kind of slipped down my priorities.

Sure, it would be nice sometimes to nip down to the shops in my gold car and dazzle the neighbours on sunny days but I don’t expect I will ever own a gold car. How would I even clean it anyway? Would I need to use that old trick of using coca cola like people do with their jewellery? That is going to be a pretty expensive car wash unless I can switch to the supermarket’s own brand of cola which tastes like mouthwash.

Hang on though, what’s this about a solid gold Lamborghini Aventador up for sale at an auction. It appears that it has a starting price of $7.5 million but I wonder if I could steal it from under the nose of all those billionaires
with a cheeky opening gambit of a few grand.

Let Johnny Depp Take Gold

Photo credit: Damian Morys

The car in question is made out of kilos of gold and also includes a load of precious gemstones in it. Why? Now that I think of it, driving a gold car is one of the most stupid things you could do. For a start, you would look like a twat. A billionaire twat but a twat all the same. Maybe someone like Johnny Depp or Lenny Kravitz could pull off this style but the rest of us would just look utterly ridiculous.

And you don’t think someone might think about nicking your blooming precious gold Lamborghini at some point?

Some ruffian tried to break into an old Corsa of mine a few years ago and it had absolutely no precious metal in it, so I can imagine that some thieves are going to be following you pretty closely when they see you riding about in a $7.5 million car that shines like a big chunk of gold.

Can you imagine yourself driving a gold Lamborghini? Where would you even go in it?

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