Missing Car Turns Up After 2 Years: Owner Forgot Where It Had Been Parked

Have you ever walked back to your parking space and felt a horrible sinking feeling? The space is empty so there is only one thought which springs immediately to mind; some rascal stole your car.

While you quietly fume / scream / beat your fists off the ground while wailing a nagging doubt starts to form in your mind. Maybe you didn’t park it here after all.

Is this ever happened to you then I am guessing you took a few minutes to work out where the car was. Unless you are the German dude who couldn’t find his vehicle during 2 years of his life.

The 33 year old guy with the memory of a goldfish went out drinking one night and left his car safe somewhere. The next day he wandered up to where he was sure it had been parked and found only air in front of him. The car had disappeared.

He told the police that his car has been stolen but it seems that he kind of kept looking for it as well, presumably guessing that he might just have parked it somewhere unlikely instead.

The Lucky Discovery

Photo credit: Tim Knopf

The story started back in December 2010. 2011 came and went and 2012 was just about to finish when a traffic warden came across a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker. The owner was finally reunited with his car, which had been over 2 miles away from where he thought it had been left.

The final twist in the story is that the missing car had been sitting there for 2 years with over 40,000 Euros worth of work tools in it. Maybe the guy knew where it was all the time and was happy just to use it as an excuse to get an extended break from work?

What is the longest time you have ever been unable to locate your parked car?

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