Can You Imagine an Oz Road Trip?

If you love driving then I guess you love road trips as well. The UK is better for this than its relatively compact size would seem to suggest.

However, if you really want a road trip to remember then you might want to consider driving in a giant country like Australia…

The Great Ocean Road

Photo credit: rumpleteaser

The most famous road trip in the country involves driving between Torquay and Warrnambool in Victoria. You might never had heard of those towns but if you have at least a passing interest in Australia you have probably heard of the Great Ocean Road drive. This is a relatively short and undemanding trip of just over 150 miles and is considered one of the world’s great road trips. Among the highlights are the stunning 12 Apostles.

Highway 1

Did that last one sound a bit too lame for you? Does 150 miles sound like the kind of road trip you wouldn’t even bother getting out of bed for? Well, why not just drive round the whole blooming antipodean island continent or whatever it is called these days? That’s right, the Highway 1 route takes you basically round the whole coast of Australia. That’s 9,000 miles of driving pleasure to you and me. There is even a weird wee bit down in Tasmania you would need to drive on in order to say you had driven all of Highway 1. You would meet just about every road condition imaginable on this mammoth trip.

The Savannah Way

Another exciting option is to go from Cairns to Brown. This takes you from North Queensland to Western Australia and from a popular tourist town to a historic pearling town. This is an Oz road trip of 2,000 miles, with some of it taking you through the tropical savannah (hence the name). This is a tough old ride which doesn’t have a lot in common in driving in the UK.

Can you imagine yourself driving on one of these routes or is there another Oz road trip you would love to try?

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