What Are the Most Popular and Least Popular Car Colours?

Do you love the colour or your car or do you hate it? Perhaps you don’t even think about it. Well, it’s time to think about this all important subject and give yourself something else to worry about…

Least Popular – Green and Brown

Photo Credit: dave_7

Have you ever driven a green or brown car? I know that I haven’t, and it seems that not many other people have. In the US only 3% of the population drives a green car and in the UK green and brown vehicles lose value quicker than other colours. Lime green, bottle green, apple green; maybe one day the roads will be filled with these colours.

Most Popular – White

White is the classic car colour for many of us. My second ever car was white and I loved it, apart from the regular washings it needed. The figures I could find online varied but generally it seems that between a fifth and a quarter of us drive a white car. In the UK it is also reported that this colour of vehicle holds it value better than any other colour. It seems as though we associate luxury and quality with this colour.

Second Most Popular – Black

The colour which comes in not far behind white is its alter ego and arch nemesis; black. This is seen as being an elegant, classy option and just under a fifth of all cars on the road are said to be black.

Third Most Popular – Silver

Silver comes in not too far behind black (around 16% of all drivers choose this colour), so between these first three popular colours we have almost 60% of the market taken up.

Does this sound right to you and does it tie in with the vehicles you see on the road every day? As a kid I used to play car snooker with my sisters on long trips and I seem to remember red as being the most common colour back then.

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