Ford S-Max: New ‘Concept’ blends design and technology

When a carmaker unveils a ‘concept’ model for a motor show, they are often just testing public opinion to see if there’s any interest in their idea.

Ford unveils potential successor for its S-Max

The Ford S-Max Concept – the next top model?

In days gone by, such moves have gone onto incredible success – look at the Renault Scenic and Espace and Toyota’s RAV4.

However, with Ford’s new S-Max Concept vehicle, which is being shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show, there’s more than a hint that this vehicle is going to be replacing the seven-year-old S-max in the near future.

Ford says this car reveals the firm’s vision for future sport activity vehicles as it builds on pioneering craftsmanship, advanced technologies and more flexible interiors.

The Ford S-Max and heart attacks

For me though, one of the most interesting additions which could make the production version is a way to monitor the health of driver and act if he or she has a heart attack.

Yes, Ford has brought in health surveillance technology called the Ford Heart Rate Monitoring Seat and Glucose Level Monitoring for its Ford S-Max. Be aware that if the safety system is activated because it thinks the driver is in distress, the car will simply take control and bring itself to a safe stop.

There’s also advanced safety and convenience technologies which include car-to-car communications (but only with those which a similar system fitted and can tell the occupants of another car what the road conditions up ahead are like), an Intelligent Protection System with Pre-Collision Assist and Dual-View Display.

New UK built engine for the Ford S-Max

The Ford S-Max also has a new UK-built 1.5-litre EcoBoost engine which, the firm says, promises rewarding driving dynamics.

Like most cars being produced today, the Ford S-Max is designed to sell in all of its markets without having to retool a factory. In the case of the Ford S-Max, the car has a high mounted grille, swept-back headlamps and a sweeping bonnet.

There’s no doubt that the Ford S-Max will appeal to the army of buyers who have already snapped up an S-Max and this new version, which will undoubtedly be announced as being the new model, has an interior of cutting-edge design, convenience, connectivity, flexibility and craftsmanship.

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