Mercedes-Benz S-Class: new plug-in hybrid unveiled

It sounds incredible but it’s true – Mercedes-Benz has managed to get fuel economy of 94.2mpg out of its incredible S-Class.

Go green with the Mercedes-Benz S 300 BlueTEC HYBRID

The incredible Mercedes-Benz S 300 BlueTEC HYBRID

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class will be launched next year and is likely to be a hugely popular choice for those execs looking for a green option that isn’t a Lexus.

The S-Class plug-in hybrid brings a level of luxury to ‘green’ motoring that until a few years ago no-one believed could be possible.

The Mercedes-Benz S 500 plug-in hybrid sets benchmark

Now the S 500 plug-in hybrid will set new benchmarks for other carmakers to follow.

This will be a 3 litre car that will be able to return 60+ miles on three litres of fuel.

The Mercedes-Benz S 500 plug-in hybrid has an 80-kW electric drive with a rechargeable battery to generate 18 miles of emission free driving, in addition to its powerful 3 litre engine.

Mercedes is planning to unveil three new models of its hybrid – the S 400 HYBRID, S 300 BlueTEC HYBRID and S 500 plug-in hybrid.

One of the attractions for the new car is that the electric motor can be decoupled from the engine.

Ground-breaking technology for the Mercedes-Benz S 500 plug-in hybrid

The carmaker has also brought in its second generation of recuperative braking system and a fancy hybrid energy management system to help hit the anticipated economy figures.

Here at First Vehicle Leasing, we are huge fans of the Mercedes S-Class because it’s such a fantastic car with lots of space, great performance and a treat to drive.

On top of its economy, the S 500 plug-in hybrid only generates 69g CO2 per kilometre.

Perhaps the best thing for drivers is that there is no noticeable drop in power and the switching between the two powertrains is seamless.

The top speed for the Mercedes-Benz S 500 plug-in hybrid is 155mph and it will do 0-62mph in just 5.5 seconds.

The S 500 plug-in hybrid will be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show and in our showrooms next year.

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