The Strangest Crashes Ever

Car crashes aren’t funny, I know. However, it is hard not to laugh at some of the weirdest ones which have ever happened. Like these ones, for example…

The Well Timed Accident

truckRight, so this guy called Richard Paylor was driving his truck when he started to choke on a piece of apple. Nothing weird so far; we have all fallen prey to the evilness of fruit at some point in our lives. However, our buddy Richard blacked out at this point and he would have surely have died a horrible death. If he hadn’t crashed his truck! The thump of his chest hitting the steering wheel of his truck after the accident acted like some sort of motorway based Heimlich manoeuvre, the offending apple shot out of his mouth and, by Jove, Richard was saved and able to keep on trucking.

The Unexplained Manoeuvre

This next crash happened in Germany and involved the kind of manoeuvre which an Olympic gymnast would have been proud of. The chap in question was driving a Skoda Octavia when he lost control of it in the suburbs of Chemnitz. It seems that the Octavia has got some sort of hidden “gymnastic moves” button on it somewhere, as it ended up on the roof of a church some 25 feet off the ground. No one knows how it got up there, least of all the driver.

The Dirty Crash

rubbishThis accident happened in West Yarmouth, which is apparently in Massachusetts. The reason for the crash; rubbish. It seems that the 53 year old lady who crashed her Ford Focus had gathered enough rubbish in it to make driving more difficult than clean, normal people find it to be.

The whole inside of the vehicle was filled with enough junk to keep a hungry goat happy for days. The offending rubbish which caused the crash appear to have been the crushed coffee cups which landed on the pedals and caused her to lose control.

And I thought my car was dirty…

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