What Car from Your Childhood Would You Most Want to Drive?

I just read about the original Noddy car going up for sale and the news brought with it a wave of nostalgia. I used to love Noddy. Heck, I still do. There, I’ve gone and said it.

His red and yellow vehicle has a top speed of 65 mph and it goes parp parp when you press the horn. The licence plate on it is NOD 513 and it has covered a grand total of 4,553 miles on its adventures. I badly want to drive this car but the asking price of £25,000 means that it would be one of the least practical purchases of my life. So what other cars from my childhood would I like to drive?

Only Fools and Horses – The Trotter’s Van

Photo credit: Elliott Brown

It may not be the flashiest vehicle around but I have seen the Trotter’s three wheeled van so often that I would really like to drive it just once. I expect that the back is stuffed full of Bulgarian video recorders and inflatable dolls which are filled with explosive gas. In fact, having done some research I discovered that the van was put up for sale a few years back at £7,000. Actually, it was one of six different vans used in the series and I think that it would be great if I bumped into another one of them while I was out cruising in my Trotter’s Independent Trading van acting all cool and mysterious.

The A –Team Van

This is another van but of a completely different type. Instead of dodgy gear in the back you get a burly chap with a bad attitude and various other soldiers of fortune who were accused of a crime they didn’t commit. Thinking about it a bit longer I might prefer the vehicle which the guys turn into a cabbage firing tank. What was it anyway; a tractor? I can think of few finer things in life than being able to drive down the street and fire off a variety of Savoy and red cabbages at people. Don’t worry though; no one will get hurt, although I can’t rule out a few people flying through the air in a spectacular way.

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