Would You Be Interested in Seeing an Unusual Car Museum At All?

One of the great pleasures of travelling is in being able to wander into unusual museums you never knew existed. I have been thrilled by dissected bodies in Thailand and taken aback by horribly stuffed animals in Ecuador in recent times. However, I haven’t been to any weird car museums yet. Maybe it is time to change that.

The National Museum of Funeral History

If you are ever in Houston, Texas you are sure to have lots of things you want to do. One place you should definitely add to the list is this funeral based museum. It runs the full gamut of the industry, from the history of embalming to ways of mourning the deceased. As a motoring fan you will want to see the historical hearses section, though. Here you can see the funeral cars used to transport famous dead people to their final resting places (I won’t spoil the fun by naming names).

Don Garlit’s Museum of Drag Racing

donI have absolutely no idea who Don Garlit is, but I like his style. A little bit of light research tells me that he was a champion drag racer, so it is fitting that he has given the world a museum which celebrates all things drag-based. Here you can see Swamp Rat 1 and, well, other stuff.   You don’t have to be a fan of drag racing to enjoy this place but – as Don Garlit would probably say – it sure as heck does help.

The Los Angeles County Fire Museum

This one is in the US well and it would be nice to know if there any other weird car museum outside of the US. This one has some of the most famous fire trucks in history in it and it is so popular that they are thinking of moving it to a bigger building. Catch the 1965 Crown Firecoach while you can!

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