Some Interesting Car Facts Which Might Even Be True

I love to find out weird facts and I was amazed with some of these I found out as I was messing around on the internet the other day. Some of them sound too bizarre to be true it has to be said, but then the world of cars is probably stranger than I had thought.

Dog vs. Window Speed Record

Photo credit: Consumerist Dot Com

Someone called Francis V Gaddasi trained his dog to open a car window manually for some unknown reason. He then timed it doing this and discovered that it set a new world record of 11.34 seconds. Hooray! The dog in question is called Striker and the record was set in Quebec.

My only doubt is around exactly how much competition Striker was up against. Are there dogs all over the world being intensively trained to try and beat him?

Air Bag Casualties

Can it possibly be true that for every 22 people saved by an airbag 1 is killed by theirs? It sounds like a pretty high casualty rate but I can’t find any evidence to say that it isn’t the case. You might want to keep an eye on yours, just in case it turns against you.

The First Road Casualty

It seems that the first ever pedestrian to be killed by a car met her untimely end in the UK. She was called Bridget Driscoll and she was fatally injured when hit by a car speeding along at, err, 4 mph. The accident happened at Crystal Palace in London in 1896. Some eye witnesses claim that the vehicle was being driven recklessly at a higher speed than the one the driver claimed it was going at but tests proved that it couldn’t go any faster than this.

Malaysian Price Rises

One of the strangest car facts I could find was the fact that in Malaysia car prices can be forcibly increased by the authorities if rival manufacturers complain that it is selling too well. Apparently this has happened to the Passat CC and the VW Polo GTI in recent years

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