The Three Weirdest Things I Saw on the Road in the Last Year

I see at least 3 weird things on the road every day. I don’t even drive all that much but I drive in South America, where people treat the roads as being the best possible place to be stupid. Here are some of the highlights I can remember from the last year.

Driving a Motorbike on Crutches

I honestly couldn’t believe it when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a motorcyclist tottering about. The reason he couldn’t maintain his balance was that he was using crutches. I don’t even know how we managed to control the bike but he was obviously desperate to get somewhere without the aid of public transport. Even more shockingly – and this is completely true – he overtook me before heading off unsteadily down a side street.

The Motorbike with a Kid’s Walking Frame

Do you know those walking frames with wheels on them which kids use when they first start walking and causing untold havoc? Well, I saw a guy riding a motorbike while having one of these wrapped around his neck. Another of the intensely clever things they do here is that they don’t use motorbike helmets. However, on the off chance that they are stopped by a policeman they carry their helmet in their hand or hang it off the handlebars.

Overtaking on Corners

I have probably mentioned this before but I just can’t get over it. Every single day I will get overtaken when turning a corner. I do it in the way I was taught; not crossing into the opposite lane. Just about every time I do this someone will appear from behind me and cut the corner as they go round it in order to pass me. If I am being honest, there is often someone trying to overtake me on the other side as well, even when it is a normal road with just two lanes.

Have you seen anything weirder on the road lately?

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Robert Bell is a regular contributor to the First Vehicle Leasing Blog. He moved from the UK to South America in order to save the rainforest and ended up staying there. He drives a very old Toyota Hi-Lux which he just can't bear to change.

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