No More Lada Riva and No More Jokes

Photo credit: Jorge Láscar

I missed this story a few weeks ago and only just realised that the Lada Riva is no longer going to be produced. It seems that they are made by the Russian firm AutoVaz and that the official title of the car is the Lada 2107.

I have never had the pleasure of stepping inside of these delightful boxes but a neighbour used to have one in an absolutely revolting brown/beige type colour scheme which was probably directly responsible for knocking a couple of thousand off the selling price of my house. He might still drive it for all I know, as they are known to be reliable vehicles despite their rather unstylish looks and general cheapness.

Still Going Strong in Some Places

The Lada 2107 (which was confusingly called the Lada 2101 at some point) has had a good innings though, with more than 4 decades of boxy pleasures being brought to discerning drivers from Vladivostok to Belinsky and from Tallinn to Babushkin. It is no longer sold in the UK, but people who travel to certain parts of Eastern Europe are sure to see a number of them speeding about merrily.

The good news is that the Lada name lives on with the Priora, the Kalina and the Granta. It looks as though this famous name in motoring isn’t ready to die out just yet, and quite right too. There is room on the road for all types of car, and to mark this historic moment I had a think about some of the best Lada jokes of all time. I was going to print them here but I thought that I might upset some of the UK’s famously defensive Lada owners.

So you can just picture me giggling away to myself while you remember all of your best jokes about this Russian supercar.

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