Review Ford Kuga: Global influence all-new Kuga

New Ford Kuga

Ford would like to think that it’s new Kuga is achingly hip – but sadly it’s not.

It is quite clever though.

Like the class nerd who dons Next Directory clothes it’s still the same nerd underneath.

However, the designers of the Ford Kuga have taken on a lot of international influences to help boost its appeal and create the blue oval’s first global compact SUV.

The idea was to spot emerging trends from potential buyers and dish up something for everyone.

That means practical ideas such as hands-free automatic tailgate and rear seats that fold flat at the touch of a button,

New Ford Kuga interior

Ford says it has had to balance the demand for larger vehicles in North America with a European preference for more compact cars, and accommodating the popularity of lighter interior materials in Asia with a tendency for European buyers to go for darker shades.

The Ford Kuga will launch with a global colour called Ginger Ale which is a subtle green hue to “reflect its active outdoor capabilities”.

The Ford Kuga is now on sale though I doubt there will be a ‘global price’ which means we pay the same as our continental neighbours but it should still be ‘value for money’ with all of the gadgets.

Try checking out the leasing package costs for the Ford Kuga – there will be some very good deals on offer.

*FAO Ford Kuga PR Dept: the promo pictures of your new Ford Kuga are unbelievably bad.

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