Drive in Florida Without Any Hassles: Just Look Out For Annoying Giant Rodents

Photo credit: Ross Hawkes

I would love to go to Florida if it weren’t for those pesky mice. The climate looks great, there seems to be lots to do and there is also what looks like a fantastically cosmopolitan vibe going on there.

The problem is that Mickey, Minnie and their various friends would freak me out. I don’t know about you but I have just never taken to the Disney characters and at this stage I don’t think I ever will. Now if there was a Mr Blobby theme park in Florida things might be different.

My little girl would probably love it over in Florida but I think I’ll let her grow up and head off there when she is old to know just how disturbing Goofy really is to an adult mind. Anyway, all of this means that I will probably never drive in Florida. However, if I did then I wouldn’t need an International Driving Permit, which is a result. In a kind of not-really-a- result-at-all kind of way.

The snappily titled Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles in the Sunshine State has said that British motorists don’t need this piece of paper anymore when then head off to Florida on a fly drive holiday, which is sure to make life a lot easier for a lot of holidaymakers.

Is It Needed or Isn’t It?

Actually, it seems as though uncertainty reigns right now, with some car hire firms still asking for the Permit from international drivers or some reason. If you are going to go there on a holiday then be sure to check with car hire firm before you head off. If you do need one then you need to go the Post Office or speak to the AA.

Give Mickey a wave for me when you are there. I love the wee guy really

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