Victoria Beckham in Glamorous, Overpriced Car Surprise

I have always felt a bit of antipathy towards the artist formerly known as Posh Spice, and I need to confess that her celebrity connection puts me off the new Ranger Rover Evoque Limited Edition Victoria Beckham. That’s not to say that it’s a bad vehicle, but it is a bit overpriced and overtly fashion for my liking.

I lived in Spain at the same time as she did. I never bumped into the Beckhams, but I remember that she caused a bit of an uproar when she said that the country smells of garlic. I am not sure where exactly she was sniffing around in those days but it put her in my bad books ever since then.

A Steep Price

Anyway, the Range Rover which bears her name on it comes in at a pretty hefty £79,995, which is a good deal higher than the £40,000 you can expect to shell out for the Si4 Dynamic auto model. The difference with the Posh Spice one is that it is “glamour”·

For the extra £40,000 or so, you get alloys with rose gold accents, fancy Dan paintwork and an hilarious baseball stitch detail on the leather seats and in other places. I can’t forget the mohair mats, a luggage set (eh? Does it come with a kettle and a travel iron as well?) and a signed leather wallet for the manual.

The wise words of the Posh one included the fact that she “did a lot of research” and wanted drivers of her car to “feel special and empowered”.  Gerry McGovern is the design director involved in the, well, in the design I suppose. He said that it was Victoria herself who came up with the inspired idea of using rose gold. Ah no, hold on a second. It wasn’t her idea, but she was wearing a rose gold man’s watch at their first meeting so that’s ok then.

I think I might pass on this vehicle, but if Emma Bunton ever brings out a Mini, I’ll be first in the queue for one.

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