Would You Like to Drive the Popemobile Mercedes?

If my mind isn’t playing tricks with me I first saw the Popemobile when the Pope visited Glasgow way back in, gasp, 1982.

Photo credit: Semilla Luz

Even as a kid back then I knew that this was a weird vehicle I was never likely to drive. According to the latest pictures of the current incarnation it is a far more modern thing than Pope John Paul II used on that visit.

It is based on the Mercedes M class SUV and actually looks pretty good. Would you want to drive it, though? Let’s look at some of the factors to take into account.

Get the Hood Down?

The driver of the Popemobile seems to wear a conventional suit when he is driving the Pope around, which is a bit of a shame. I think that it would be nice to don the full cassock ensemble before getting behind the wheel. I say that because I noticed that there is a convertible model and I like the idea of putting the hood down and letting the wind blow through my cassock. I wonder if it has a radio in it so you can put on some tunes as you drive around in it.

Get Recognised

If you were driving one of the most recognisable vehicles in the world with one of the most recognisable men in the world in it then you have little chance of slipping by un-noticed, have you? This means that you don’t really want to do things like go over the speed limit or run over a dog.

Travel a Lot

I have often wondered whether it is the one Popemobile which is moved all over the world for papal visits or if there are lots of them dotted all over the place on standby. It seems that there is more than one of them after all but that they get shipped out by air when he travels. If you were the driver you would get to travel a lot and you can bet that no one would cut you up wherever in the world you went.

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