Game of Polo, Sir?

Volkswagen have (in my opinion, anyway) secured themselves in a corner of the car market where price isn’t the key facilitator for your new car purchase. If you drive a VW, your car says something about you. It tells others that you’re classy – classless even, well heeled (or certainly on your way there) and stylish. The reliability that Volkswagen is known for is ingrained in the very fabric of the engineers that build your car. It’s safe to say then, that although VW cars are great value, they’re not the cheapest cars on the road…

…until now.
We’ve got a batch of VW Polo 1.2 Match 5dr’s in stock and they’re available to lease for £119 per month. This deal is unlikely to be repeated so if you’re in the market for a car and don’t mind feeling a bit classy on your daily commute, give us a call… we’ve got your new car waiting!

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