REVIEW: Suzuki Swift SZ-L

Suzuki has unveiled a special edition for its Swift model which is based on the mid-grade SZ3.

The Suzuki Swift SZ-L

The Suzuki Swift SZ-L

That’s not to say the SZ-L is a pale copy – it isn’t. This version made its debut at the Autosport International in January and impressed quite a few people.

Though the SZ-L is based on the 1.2-litre SZ3, Suzuki has thrown in additional equipment and features designed to enhance the car.

Essentially this model is being aimed at younger drivers and it has seven airbags, air con, and a USB port and Bluetooth as standard.

The exterior has been slightly souped-up with a rear spoiler – it looks good but you aren’t going to break any speed records in this car – rear privacy glass and free upgrade to metallic paint in a choice of four colours.

The ‘youthful’ aspects are the alloy wheels and the nice use of red stitching around the steering wheel and gear stick (much like you’d see in the Swift Sport).

To be fair, the Swift SZ-L is a bargain. It handles well and is fun to drive; responsive and the cruise control keeps the revs at a steady pace.

It is also fairly cheap to run, which is useful for the audience that is being targeted. The 1.2litre Dual VVT 94PS engine will return around 56.5mpg on the combined cycle but with sensible driving that could go higher.

The engine offers low emissions of just 116g/km which means the road tax is just £30 and the car is in a low insurance group which is also a major plus for younger buyers today.

If you’re looking for a car that’s stylish and nippy – the engine performs better than you’d imagine a 1.2litre version would do – and cheap to run then the Swift SZ-L makes a lot of sense.

The Suzuki Swift SZ-L is on sale now and available to buy VAT free until the end of March. The three door model costs £10,599 and the five door version £11,016.

Most people assume that only big cars are worth leasing but check out the leasing rates for the Suzuki Swift SZ-L and see how much you could save in the first three years of ownership.

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