Two Things to Avoid This Winter

Photo credit: Roberto Israel

Motoring experts have warned us to two things not to do this winter; pull a tyre along behind your car with someone sitting in it and be a man.

We might as well start off with the easiest one. It is the first time I have heard of car snow tubing put apparently it has become popular enough in the UK to be classed “a craze”.

It seems that it is easy enough to get started with a career in snow tubing. All that is needed is a car, a tyre and a couple of idiots. Police have warned that when you are pulled along on a tyre behind a car on an icy road you have no control over your steering and it might therefore be a little dangerous. If you are looking for some kicks and to inject some danger into your life why not throw some snowballs straight up in the air instead and wait to see what happens?

Don’t Get Too Confident

The other thing you don’t want to be when you drive in winter is a man, as we have more wintry accidents than our female counterparts. However, this is usually due to being overconfident, so being a bit less brash is probably the simplest way of avoiding this.

If you need proof of this consider that fact that the insurance company just carried out a survey on the matter.

73% of the chaps said that they could control their car if it skidded on ice while only 60% of the chapesses said the same. Ah, so how you do you explain the fact that in the same survey 47% of men said that they had lost control on a frozen road while only 41% of women said the same?  In fact, only 30% of the ladies choose to go out in frozen, snowy conditions, while over 50% of men will give it a go.

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