The new Toyota Auris

If you’re not particularly bothered by what car you drive but are interested in running costs and depreciation then the new Toyota Auris, which goes on sale next month, could be the car for you.

Toyota Auris

The new Toyota Auris

But that’s not to say the British-built Auris isn’t a great car on its own terms because it is. It’s great to drive and is extremely well built but Toyota say the car will have long lasting value.

That will make it a great car to own – or lease (because the monthly payments will undoubtedly be very impressive)!

They say the new Auris will deliver significantly improved residual values and have more competitive total ownership costs – meaning there are potentially four-figure savings for businesses and company car drivers compared to key rival models.

The top-of-the-range Auris Hybrid Excel (CO2 emissions of 91g/km) is more cost-effective for business operators and drivers than competitor mid-range diesel models and all of the Auris’ engines are more efficient and better built making them more durable and reliable. The hybrid will also return about 72mpg.

And on top of this potential buyers will enjoy sharp contemporary styling and high equipment specifications. It’s also slightly longer and shorter than the outgoing model.

It’s a closely-fought part of the car market and the Auris is better than its foes such as the Astra and Focus in many respects.

Prices start at £14,495 for the 1.3 Active to £21,745 for the Hybrid Excel model.

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