Classic Cars and Memories of Pea Soupers

Photo credit: S Pakhrin

Don’t you sometimes get the feeling that you were born in the wrong century? I felt this way again the other day when I saw the details of the Regent Street Motor Show.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the 21st century. The internet is great, mobile phones are only mildly annoying and at last we have that blasted bubonic plague under control. However, I would have loved to have lived in the days of ocean going adventures when maps of the world had big blank spaces on them.

I Found Round Orange Fruits. Let’s Call Them…

I can almost imagine myself setting sail to find new lands and discover exciting new fruits like grapes and oranges. Sadly it’s not to be and the biggest sea going adventure I am going to have will probably involve a variety of ethnic restaurants and 24 hour waiter service.

Anyway, the Regent Street Motor Show is going to take us back to an age when Sherlock Holmes would jump in a Hansom cab as another pea souper descended on old London town. The vehicles on display aren’t horse drawn but they are just about the earliest motorised cars you are likely to see.

There will be 100 vehicles on show which date from before the start of the 20th century. If only these cars could talk they could tell us about, well, about being stuck in a garage for the best part of a century I would imagine.

The show is free to see, so there is no excuse for not putting your head into a nostalgic state and heading down to see some old classics. The RAC are running it and it will take place on the 3th of November, a day before the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. If you like more modern contraptions then take your fancy Dan iPad or your blooming Android ice cream tablet thing down there and take some photos of some new low emissions vehicles.

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