A Good Dose of L’extravagance de la France

Whether or not it’s the type of car higher echelon corporate lease public is waiting for is debatable – they are likely to stick to products of the existing German premium league – but for the scene of the future streets, Citroen’s new teaser may spell very good news. Two pictures of a not-yet-existing and maybe (but let’s hope not!) never-will-exist car appeared on Citroen’s Facebook today. The term “DS9” has been mentioned, both in comments directly under the photographs and in car press globally. Citroen itself hasn’t made a single comment and so what we’re left with is uncertainty. And a lot of anticipation.

What can be said with certainty is that Citroen’s line of DS models, that runs in parallel to its more modest C-line, is a success. I personally can’t figure out why anyone would buy a rather stodgy C3, when there’s something like the extravagant DS3 on the market as well. Price will be an issue. So will age. But still. Looking inside the current line-up of C-models, we find only two numbers above the C5: a C8, as a child-mover that has lost all of its character many years ago, and the C6, an extraordinary car that I think resembles a boat in some strange way. A very well-designed, good looking cruiser for Riviera-dockers. There is no C9, however.

So if “DS9” is being whispered – though it’s unclear where that rumour started – that implies this new car will be bigger than a C6, not a small car to start with. Seems this’ll be proper competitive material for the A6’s, E-Classes and 5-Series of this world then. Which, coming back to where we started, is good news. Not only because I expect Citroen to come up with something truly refreshing, something original as music when it was first discovered and something that will continue to inspire as music does for a very, very long time. That’s what the brand set up the DS-line for in the first place. To reintroduce that flair their cars had until the eighties, but particularly in the sixties and seventies. And that’s exactly what is needed in the executive segment.

Now let’s hope this baby is actually something that Citroen intends to mass-produce. The phrase “coming soon” above one of the Facebook images definitely hints in that direction!

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