Brits Take Toiler Paper on Holiday but Not Their Cars

Photo credit: Steven Depolo

I recently read in a survey that Brits don’t like to travel without their tea bags or toilet paper. If you are packing for a trip right now I have got some big news for you; these things exist in other countries. Maybe you would like to take your car instead though.

We do all seem to come over a bit funny when we pack to go on holiday, don’t we? I take no pride in the memory of taking 3 packets of cheese & onion crisps with me to Spain one year and I am just glad that my Mum was there to stop me stuffing a few cans of Vimto into the suitcase as well.

Then I made the discovery that they sell cool things abroad as well. I became addicted to ensaimadas in Majorca and pigged out on pastries on Paris before succumbing to the delights of a sweetish, meaty type of strange thing in Italy.

Where Will I Put the Food?

But do you know what the problem is? Between unused rolls of toilet paper (that’ll be dysentery body swerved for another year then), souvenir donkeys and other junk there is nowhere to put any of the food which I would love to take home with me.

This is where travelling with a car comes in handy. I once worked with an Aussie who told me in a matter of fact way that he was planning to drive across to Germany and Belgium. Wow, I said, you’ll be taking a month off work then? It turned out he was going and coming back all in a weekend and he said that in Oz he drove further to buy a pint of milk, which I think was a slight exaggeration on his part.

So why don’t we take our cars away with us more? Think how many boxes of PG Tips you could cram into it on the way and how many croissants you could bring home.  The distance to France, Holland or many other exciting destinations isn’t that great and it could add an edge of adventure to your trip too.

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