Do You Know Any Scary Drivers?

I almost didn’t write this article. It’s not that I am feeling particularly lazy today, although my daughter did wake me up before 6 in the morning screaming for milk and a DVD of Barney the slightly annoying Dinosaur.

No, the real reason is that we went out to visit my wife’s relatives in the countryside yesterday. The road back from there is a bit of a nightmare. It’s unlit, with a lot curves and dips in it.

That in itself isn’t much of a problem I suppose, as long as you stay in your blooming lane. The problem is that my father in law was at the wheel and he is a bit of a crazy driver. At a couple of points in the journey he decided that overtaking when he couldn’t see more than 10 metres in front of the car was a good idea. Thankfully we got lucky but we had a couple of close shaves that left us all trembling.

Speed Limit? Not for Me

This got me wondering whether everyone knows a scary driver. I drive in a kind of boring way but back in the UK I remember I used to car share with a work colleague who thought that the speed limit was something which only applied if you felt like it.

I haven’t driven in the UK for a while now and I remember the drivers as being a lot more careful than there are here in South America. Personally I blame the weather, the dulce de leche and possibly even the Spanish for all of this. However, I hope that I don’t have a false memory of the British roads.

The only accident I ever had come in Scotland and it came when someone tried to jink ahead of me at roadworks. That was a pretty bad bit of driving but to be honest I see 10 things worse than every day here; undertaking, going through red lights, overtaking foolishly and lots more

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