What Will the 2012 Budget Mean for Motorists?

Car owners and heavy drinkers tend to tremble when they see the Chancellor’s battered old briefcase again. Actually, the really heavy drinkers were probably trembling even before they saw it but you get my point.

Anyway, it is almost time for the annual budget and that means that it is time for us to wonder what will happen this year. Motorists in the UK haven’t had it too bad from the budget in the last few years and it will be interesting to see what hits us in 2012.

The Price of Petrol

Can it get any higher? Oh yes, it can. Fuel duty has already got an increase pencilled in for August (3p) and opinion is split over whether it will stay the same, go up or even go down before then. A penny got knocked it off last year if you recall but I just can’t see that happening again. The best we can probably hope for is to maintain the current level for a bit longer while waiting on scientists finalising their work on cars which run on mouldy old carrots and parsnips.

Company Car Tax

Company car owners can expect to see the publication of new tables which show an increase in taxes in future years.

Road Tax

The latest word from the experts is that this could stay unchanged. As this is pretty inconclusive I sought out the latest word from my Uncle Billy. He said that, “The rotten blighters will probably put it up again”. I might have changed one of the words in that quote.

So it looks as though we are heading for a pretty unspectacular motoring budget in 2012 if we are to believe the industry analysts. On the other hand, if we are to believe my Uncle Billy it could be carnage. I know who I believe.

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