The new DS DS 7 takes a bow

For those drivers looking for cutting-edge technology and impressive levels of refinement, the new DS DS 7 car lease range should be on your shortlist.

The exterior has been revamped with sharper lines and there are new slimmer headlights and daytime running lights for the model.

There are also new 19.0-inch alloys that are more aerodynamic, while the new DS 7 E-Tense 4×4 360 electric vehicle comes with exclusive 21.0-inch alloys.

DS 7 car lease
The new contract hire DS DS 7 has been unveiled, and it offers improved comfort and more equipment.

Contract hire DS 7

The new contract hire DS 7 comes with a choice of powertrains including plug-in hybrid offering 225 hp, 300 hp and 360 hp.

The new range also offers the E-Tense 225 with a PureTech 180 petrol engine and an electric motor producing 110 hp and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Some models of the E-Tense range also feature all-wheel drive and drivers should expect a battery range of 40 miles.

Battery charging takes around two hours, and the model offers zero emissions.

New DS 7 leasing range

The new DS 7 leasing range offers lots more technology, including a new infotainment system that supports natural voice recognition.

Drivers also get a 12.0-inch high-resolution display for accessing the vehicle’s functions and using the satnav.

There’s also a 12.0-digital instrument display that can be personalised easily and for the plug-in hybrid, offers vital information including energy flow and battery charge level.

Relaxation is a major feature

As with other DS models, relaxation is a major feature of the car.

This includes active scan suspension that uses a camera to monitor the road ahead and then dampens the suspension whenever necessary to make the ride as smooth as possible.

The nightvision system also monitors the road to detect animals, pedestrians and cyclists at distances of 100 m away.

Should something be detected, the car will alert the driver so they can take precautions.

Level 2 semiautonomous driving

The DS 7 also features level 2 semiautonomous driving and there’s driver attention monitoring.

The system also monitors the car’s behaviour within its surroundings and monitors the driver to see whether they are tired.

Another new feature is adaptive cruise control that can initiate the restarting and stopping of the vehicle without the driver intervening, plus there’s a system to keep the car within its lane.

From launch, there will be a limited edition La Premiere model of the E-Tense 4×4 360 with lots of gloss black details and an impressive interior.

The new DS 7 car lease range is available to order now with deliveries starting in September and it’s worth checking out contract hire deals, particularly for the better spec models that offer value for money.