Hyundai picks up design awards

It’s not that long ago that the notion of Hyundai winning a design award for its cars would have been laughed at.

Hyundai i30

The Hyundai i30

But the fact they have underlines what we have been saying here at the blog – and that’s Hyundai cars need a second look from prospective car buyers since they have been designed and built with Europeans in mind. Indeed, most of the better models are built in Europe.

And now the German Design Council awards saw Hyundai pick up three separate accolades: the i30 won ‘Best Interior’ and ‘Best Exterior’, while the ‘Best Concept’ title was awarded to the i-oniq show car.

Both models were designed in Rüsselsheim, Germany, by the European team based at the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre.

The i30 is really the firm’s first attempt at taking on its European competition and the awards mean they may become more daring in their daring. It already looks like the ‘fluid sculpture’ from the i40 will be applied to its other models.

The i30, along with its warranties, offers a great driving experience (especially the diesel model) and is packed with all sorts of extras which offers most motorists looking for a car in this sector something special.

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