The 2022 Mazda CX-5 has been unveiled

Mazda CX-5 car lease front

There’s a new grade structure and more refinement for the Mazda CX-5 car lease range in 2022.

A big revamp of the excellent Mazda CX-5 car lease range has been unveiled for the 2022 model year.

This is a spacious SUV and brings enhanced driving dynamics, better onboard practicality and packaging and new exterior styling.

The firm is also introducing its intelligent drive select system, known as Mi-Drive, which enables drivers to choose the most appropriate mode to drive in by flicking a switch.

And for some models that are equipped with the firm’s all-wheel drive system, i-Activ, they will get an off-road mode.

Contract hire Mazda CX-5

The contract hire Mazda CX-5 also brings in Mazda’s next version of their Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture which brings improvements to the suspension, body shell and seats to boost comfort and also reduce driver fatigue.

It’s also a much quieter cabin thanks to improved insulation and there’s a new front end and wing design.

Changes to the interior sees the CX-5 benefiting from a wireless phone charging tray, plus there’s a two-piece load space floorboard that is reversible.

Mazda has also made the tailgate sill the same level to boost loading.

There’s even a floorboard being introduced that has a water-resistant side to deal with dirty or wet items.

A range of i-Activsense safety systems

Mazda CX-5 car lease 2

Mazda makes very safe cars and for the CX-5 there is a range of their i-Activsense safety systems which will now feature cruising and traffic support.

Known as CTS, this also helps with driver tiredness by helping with the braking, steering and accelerator operations when the car is stuck in a traffic jam.

Other features include front adaptive LED headlights which have better control over the distribution of light.

The refinements and updates carried out by Mazda will help maintain its popularity, and it accounts for 21% of its European sales every year to make it a core model for the carmaker’s range.

Paint scheme for the CX-5 lease vehicle

There’s also new paint scheme for the CX-5 lease vehicle and three new model trims that help differentiate between the SUV’s distinctive characters.

These include the Newground trim which has exterior tweaks, a front grille with lime green accents and 17-inch or 19-inch alloy wheels. There’s also lime green stitching on the suede upholstery.

Opt for the Sport Black and drivers get a gloss black finish to the wing and front grille, as well as the lower bumper section and wheel arches.

This trim comes with 19-inch alloy wheels in black metallic paint and the black leather seats have red stitching – as does the steering wheel, door panels and gearshift lever.

The CX-5 GT Sport offers brilliant gloss paint, 19-inch alloy wheels that underpins the vehicle’s solid metal appearance. There’s a lot of Nappa leather and luxury textures, including genuine woodgrain used extensively in the cabin.

More details about the Mazda CX-5 car lease range for 2022 will be released later along with prices, but there’s still a lot to like about this stylish SUV.