Scottish Cars in Bad Weather MoT Fail Shocker

Photo credit: Kyle Taylor

If you worry that your car falls apart on your commute to work then you possibly live in Scotland. Don’t worry, I am not being racist as I lived in Scotland for a number of years and even learned to appreciate the tonal qualities of the bagpipes, to use Irn Bru as a hangover cure and to eat haggis without fear.

However, recent figures have shown that there are more MoT failures north of the border than anywhere else in the UK. Motoring groups were concerned at the news and I was a wee bit worried myself, as I am due to go back there soon and don’t really fancy being rammed by a Scots vehicle with dodgy brakes and no lights.

It turns out that as well as jute, jam and journalism Dundee has another claim to fame. The Tayside city is the worst in the country for MoT failures, with a rather impressive 15.3% of cars not being in a condition to get their certificate. A total of 12 other Scottish places joined them on the list of the worst in the UK, with Motherwell, Glasgow and Aberdeen all coming close behind Dundee.

Why Does It Always Rain on My Car?

The figures came from some research done by Halfords Autocentres and they even tried to pin the blame the good old Scottish weather. I certainly don’t recall wearing my Bermuda shorts and flip flops to work many days, although this was as much to do with the bank’s dress code as the weather if I am being honest. However, neither do I remember the rain and cold as being much more potentially car-damaging than in the other parts of the UK where I have lived.

The government is planning to make MoT testing even tougher in the future, so any ambitious mechanics reading this would do well to think about moving up to the fine city of Dundee. Don’t forget to try the jam while you are there.


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