New Kia Carens to be launched

News that Kia is to unveil its third generation Carens at the Paris Motor Show brought a ‘Ho-hum’ response from me. And then I realised it’s actually quite a bold move.

Kia Carens

The new Kia Carens

The new Carens is sleeker than most MPVs as well as being lower and more compact.It will also combine striking looks with spacious functionality.

The current model has been on sale here since 2006 and the new one is expected early next year.

Kia fans may notice that the design has more than a passing resemblance to the Cee’d so we may be seeing familiar designs for all future models.

There’s not much more information and the teaser pictures don’t really do it any favours.

Apart from the awful name the car will undoubtedly sell well for what is a manufacturer growing in popularity.

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