An In Car Massage or Another Blooming Reversing Light?

Photo credit: Joelle Nebbe-Mornod

What extra would you like to see added to your car? Personally I would like a popcorn maker in the dashboard, a heated steering wheel and one of those massaging seats like the ones in the airport which I always want to try but then think are too expensive just as I am about to sit down.

Sadly, it seems that once more I am in a minority. It turns out that most people are rather more modest in their aims and would be happy to get a better selection of basic features instead of any fancy Dan stuff.

In fact, according to the AA’s latest report, over 70% of motorists wouldn’t have any problem in losing their heated seats. The thing that most surprised me about this is that I didn’t even know that heated seats existed. Sure, I read about them one time, but in my cold seated world they seem like some sort of wild luxury which I would never give up once I had got used to having a roasted rump while I drove.

Reversing with One Light Isn’t Cool

What do they people want though? One of the most exciting changes is that they want 2 reversing lights. Eh? You are asked what would make your vehicle better or more exciting and you ask for another reversing light? Are you having a laugh? What happened to hologram maps, inflatable autopilots and a big red button on the dashboard that sends the passengers flying out of the car when you press it? Do people really want another reversing light instead of these things?

A temperature gauge is another of the Earth shattering features which most drivers said that they would quite like, and this kind of sums up the sort of practical issues which we are most interested in now. I say we, but it seems that the females among us are less likely to want to give up their fancy features than the guys. Come on guys and stand up for your right to be pampered and entertained while you drive. You can still reverse with one light on but being lightly massaged at the same time.

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