Who Are the Worst Drivers Around?

I seem to recall from my past in the heady world of car insurance that certain professions either attract a loaded premium or simply can’t be insured at all.

My memory is a bit hazy on the subject but I am pretty sure that TV entertainers and professional sportspeople were on the black list. I never did understand why this was, and my boss only ever fobbed me off with some feeble excuse about them “being in the public eye”.

The memories of being in a windowless office with mountains of forms and a clock whose hands never seemed to move came flooding back to me today. I could almost smell the garlic on my old manager’s breath and hear the grinding of the antiquated lift as I read about which are the best types of drivers.

Strangely, TV personalities weren’t anywhere to be seen on the list. However, I was quietly delighted to see that dancing teachers and choreographers are among the drivers who are most likely to break the law while out driving.

I am Just Jealous of Their Rhythm

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against these nimble limbed dance floor geniuses, but as someone who is tone deaf and has two left feet I feel it is only right that they get taken down a peg or two.

So, who are the best and most law abiding driversin the UK? It seems that cloakroom attendants, legal clerks, kennel workers, launderers and dental technicians are right up there. Who’d have thought it? Technically, the dentists were at the top of the list for having the least number of driving convictions. The figures were released by car insurance site Tiger.

These teeth technicians manage to cover 120,000 miles before committing a speeding offence, while those hapless dancers only get to 23,500 before pressing their dancing shoes too heavily on the accelerator. Landscape architects, midwives and – rather bizarrely – funeral directors were all near the top of the list of the worst drivers.

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