Retro Concepts: Jeep Mighty FC

Where the previous example of a retro concept was a case of sophisticated design and reinterpreting a design philosophy of 75 years ago, this one isn’t quite so refined.

It’s the Jeep Mighty FC concept, a ‘car’ Jeep revealed earlier this year at an off-roading event in the state of Utah. It’s a state full of raw nature and loads of bare rock; the ideal place for a brand like Jeep to show what its products are capable of. The Mighty FC was only one of six terrain concepts Jeep showed there, but it’s certainly the one demanding most attention!

The Mighty FC is a so-called ‘forward control’ vehicle, meaning the driver is sitting in front of the vehicle’s front axle. This concept isn’t new to Jeep, as they sold something similar between 1956 and 1965, simply called the Jeep Forward Control. It wasn’t quite as radical as this loose reincarnation of the idea though. To be honest, it was a bit boring.

Boring isn’t the first word you associate with this new thing though. In fact, it’ll no doubt give you plenty of thrill for your money. It looks like it’ll go into a nose dive when you drive over a speed bump a little too fast. But even if that won’t actually happen, as Jeep’s engineers made sure to balance it out carefully, going down a hill headfirst with this thing must prove a scary experience. After all, if it tumbles over, it’s going to be your face biting the dirt first. Faceplant!

I like the Mighty FC. With a 300 horsepower V6 engine and plenty of room to transport such outdoor necessities such as tents, cooking gear, mountain bikes, AK-47s and anti-aircraft guns, it could actually be quite popular if put on the market.

I imagine with the same people that would buy a Mercedes Unimog, e.g. Columbian drug dealers, soldiers and road construction companies.

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