So here it is – Vauxhall’s Adam

OK so it’s not the greatest name for a car ever thought of but Vauxhall are very proud of their new city car.

The new Vauxhall Adam

The new Vauxhall Adam

The car firm hopes that it will beat the likes of the MINI and the Fiat 500 with a stylish design and lots of hi-tech gadgets onboard.

It’s officially unveiled at the Paris motor show in September and drivers can take delivery of their models in early 2013.

Though anyone wanting to buy one had better be prepared for the more than one million (yes, that’s 1,000,000) different possible trim and colour combinations.

And being Vauxhall aiming at the trendy sector they have called the three trims available for launch: JAM (fashionable/colourful), GLAM (elegant/sophisticated) and SLAM (racy/sporty). *sigh*

There’s so much to chose from that it’s highly likely that you won’t find two Adams the same on Britain’s streets.

A wise idea? Time will tell but the designers should be feeling satisfied that they’ve come up with an eye-catcher which is sure to sell well on looks alone.

Because, let’s face it, that’s why most people buy cars.

The Adam should be selling for around £11,000.

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