Take Your Breathalyser to France with You

Photo credit: THOR

Are you planning to drive in France this summer? If you are then before you say “Au Revoir” to your family and friends don’t forget to get your breathalyser sorted out.

New laws have just started with means than anyone driving on Gallic roads needs to have at least 2 breathalysers in their car. Random tests will be getting carried out as drivers arrive from now onwards in France, and you will get fined about £9 if you don’t have the kit with you. Moped riders aren’t included in the latest legislation, as it comes into effect for them later on in the year.

Get It Before You Cross Over

The cheapest kits available are disposable affairs which cost around £3, and you will be able to get hold of them when you are crossing the Channel. The French limit for acceptable levels of alcohol is lower than in the UK but you shouldn’t forget that alcohol can take time to work its way into your blood as well.

This means that if you take the test immediately after having a drink or two the reading may be misleading as regards to whether you are going to stay within the limits of the law or not. As always, the simplest and most sensible thing to do is not drink at all before driving. You will certainly enjoy a holiday in France even more if you keep a clear head and save the drink for when you aren’t planning to drive later on that same day.

Millions of British drivers make the trip to France every year, and it is expected that many of them won’t even know that this new law has come into force. You still need to carry the other pieces of equipment which are essential in France; a safety triangle and a trendy fluorescent safety jacket which will keep you safe as well as draw some looks from admirers.

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