What Car Record Would You Like to Hold?

A couple of crazy dudes just broke the Guinness World Record for driving round the biggest loop ever.

I didn’t even know that this record existed and it made me wonder what other car records / stunts I might like to have a go at.

Longest Jump

I think the Duke boys in the Dukes of Hazzard might hold this record and as a youngster I often wondered if it was really possible to jump over rivers and small buildings in this way. Up until now I haven’t had the chance to try it out but it looks like good fun. Hang on though. I just read that someone called Tanner Foust (great name by the way) jumped 332 foot last year. No way can I beat that and I am not even sure if Bo and Luke could.

Heaviest Car on Head

This isn’t exactly a driving record – more of a car stunt, but when I saw that someone had balanced a real Mini on his head for a whole 33 seconds I felt a strange urge to try and do the same. The chap who did it is called John Evans and if someone can help me get the car up on my head in the first place then I might just beat him by a second or two.

Most People in a Car

I once drove 8 people in a Corsa, which I thought was fairly impressive if borderline illegal at the time. It now turns out that different models have different records attached to them. For example, an Audi 80 has had 21 people squeezed in it, while those crazy Czechs have managed to squeeze around 30 students into a couple of different models of Skoda. It seems quite a popular pastime judging by the number of different records which have been set across the world. 8 people in a Corsa seems a somehow less impressive record now.

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