Britain’s cheapest car

Rather than use the word ‘cheap’ Suzuki claim that their Alto is the UK’s ‘most inexpensive car’.

Suzuki Alto

Going cheap? The Suzuki Alto

The Alto SZ model costs just £5,995 and its low CO2 emissions means it’s ineligible for London congestion charging (that’s a potential annual cost saving of £2,600 to a commuter travelling into the Capital five days a week).

With a five door body, there are three levels of spec – SZ, SZ3 and SZ4. Available from today the low price is held until 30 September because it is ‘VAT free’ until then.

And, as a city car, it’s really not that bad with good levels of equipment for the money. It will return about 66mpg and has a three year or 60,000 mile warranty. It also sits in the 4E insurance group which should mean it’s cheap for new drivers to insure.

If you are looking for a decent runabout/city car then the Alto could be for you – or will be until the next Dacia model is launched later this year.

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