New engine for the Jaguar XJ

Jaguar has unveiled its XJ model line-up for 2013 and it features a new supercharged six cylinder 3litre engine which replaces the 5litre V8.

Jaguar XJ

The Jaguar XJ

The new motor will also feature in the forthcoming F-Type sports car. There’s also a new EIGHT speed automatic transmission and, for the first time, there’s also the (irritating to many) stop-start technology fitted as standard.

There’s also the usual rash of tweaks and improvements such as suspension refinement with all models in the range benefiting from re-calibrated spring and damper tunes as well as remapped damper software.

DAB is also fitted as standard and a new premium sound system has been introduced.

Jaguar says the new models will be the XJ‘s most efficient yet and is the lightest car in its class thanks to the aluminium construction.

The XJ continues to be among the best-selling cars in its class, reporting an 11% per cent rise in sales in 2011.

Available from September, the XJ starts at £56,260.


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