The new A-Class takes a bow

It’s a Mercedes A-Class – but not as we know it.

Mercedes A-Class

The new Mercedes A-Class

Gone is the rather dumpy design (but really clever use of interior space) to be replaced by something very sleek and refined.

It’s going to give the BMW 1 series and the upcoming Audi A3 a run for their money.

On top of this the new A-Class is probably giving the boys at Volvo prepping their V40 for launch food for thought (and the lads at VW getting the new Golf ready for their year end launch).

With five model lines starting from £18,945, supported by two design-led packages, aggressive styling, and powerful engines ranging from 109hp to 211hp, the new A-Class really does beat with the pulse of a new generation.

Mercedes say they are going to ‘open up a whole new chapter in the premium compact segment’ with the new A-Class.

Prices start at £18,945 when it’s available from August.

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